ILA Short Courses and Exhibition

The Indian Laser Association (ILA), the collaborator of NLS-29, will organize short tutorial courses on February 10-11, 2021 in online mode.

ILA is also organizing an online industrial exhibition for lasers and related products during NLS-29. 

ILA Course - I 

LASER - A Versatile Tool for Research and Technology Development

Summary The course “LASER: A Versatile tool for Research and Technology Development” will cover the key questions in the field of current requirements of laser applications and its technical readiness for today’s technologies.
The laser is one the most incredible inventions of the last century and is a very useful tool for different branches of science and technology. The technological developments on lasers, detectors and its electronics have been continuous source of new techniques, improved accuracy and higher spatial or temporal resolution for new applications.
The workshop will cover a broad range of fields related to laser physics which will include application areas in Optoelectronic Instrumentation, Optical Fiber Sensors, Medical and Defense. Online demonstration related to laser experiments will also be a part of the course.
The course will benefit undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars in the field of science and technology on advancement and applications of laser science and technology.
The two days course will have 3 scientific sessions each day, lecturers of which will be delivered by eminent scientists and academicians.
Course Coordinator Dr. Suprajnya Thakur
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, SVVV, Indore
Course Co-coordinator Dr. Manvendra Kumar
Associate Professor, Department of Physics, SVVV, Indore
Program Schedule Click here to download program schedule. 

ILA Course - II

Topic Quantum Metrology
Summary    Quantum Metrology uses the quantum mechanical nature of light and matter to enable precision measurements beyond what is conventionally possible using classical techniques. Examples at hand are (a). the use of squeezing in laser interferometers to achieve sensitivity below the standard quantum limit (SQL) to build more sensitive Gravitational Wave Detectors (GWDs), (b). Using cold atoms to do matter-wave interferometry to do measurements at unprecedented accuracies.
   The course will introduce students and participants to the basic topics such as Noise limits in classical measurements, Basic Quantum Optics & SQL, Laser Cooling & matter-wave interferometers, Sub-SQL measurements etc., followed by brief lectures on Quantum noises in laser-interferometer used in GWDs, future upgrades to LIGO Detectors (sub-SQL related), cold-atom based Atomic Clock, and Cold-atom Interferometry for precision measurements. Students and young researchers pursuing or interested in pursuing research in this new and evolving field of lasers and optics will find it useful to attend this course. 
Course Coordinator Dr. Sendhil Raja S.
Head, Advanced Electro-Optics Section, RRCAT, Indore 
Course Co-coordinator Dr. Vibhuti Bhushan Tiwari
Head, Atom Optics Lab., RRCAT, Indore
Program Schedule Click here to download program schedule. 

ILA Course Registration Information

  • The registration is open for all Students, Government Employees and Industry Partners. 

  • There are separate registrations for NLS-29 and ILA Course

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    Bank Name State Bank of India, SUKHNIWAS INDORE Branch
    Current Account No. 34804906156
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Contact Details

Shri Piyush Saxena
General Secretary - II, ILA
RRCAT, Indore
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