Click here to download NLS-29 Program Schedule (pdf)

(All times are Indian Standard Time GMT+5:30)

Click here to download NLS-29 Program Schedule (pdf)

(All times are Indian Standard Time GMT+5:30)

Day 1 (12-Feb)

Day 1 : 12-Feb-2021 (Friday)
Session 1 (Download PDF)
(Live Telecast from Auditorium SVVV, Indore)
10:30-12:15 Inaugural Session (Online joining after 10:00)
Conference Portal:

ILA Perspective for NLS-29 : Shri S. V. Nakhe, President, ILA

Presidential address : Prof. Upinder Dhar, VC, SVVV, Indore

Address by "Special Guest" : Shri Purushottamdas Pasari, Chancellor, SVVV, Indore

Address by "Special Guest" : Shri Debashis Das, Director, RRCAT, Indore

11:10-11:30 Address by Chief Guest:
Dr. G. Satheesh Reddy, Chairman, DRDO
11:35-12:15 Keynote Address:
Prof. Raman Kashyap, Montreal, Canada
“Photonics Gone Rogue”
12:15-13:00 Lunch Break
Session 2
Advanced Laser Technologies & Applications
Session Coordinator: Dr B N Upadhyaya
Session Chair: Dr. Alok Ray
13:00-13:30 IT-01
Prof. Philippe Grelu,
Uni. Bourgogne, France
“Pulses and patterns in ultrafast fiber lasers: the dissipative soliton approach”
13:30-14:00 IT-02
Dr. Shaju K. Albert
, IGCAR, India
“Laser Welding in Fabrication of FBR fuel pins: Metallurgical Considerations”
14:00-14:30 IT-03
Prof. Michalis N. Zervas
, Uni. Southampton, UK
“Power Scaling Limits in High Power Fibre Lasers”
Session 3 : Oral Presentation of Paper ( 3 min + 2 min)
(135 min.)
OPP-1A (24 nos.)
Category 1:Physics & Technology of Lasers
Refer Annexure OPP-1A
OPP-1B (25 nos.)
Category 9: Laser Spectroscopy & Application
Refer Annexure OPP-1B
16:45-17:00 Break
Session 4
Lasers in Fiber based Instrumentation
Session Coordinator: Dr. Om Prakash
Session Chair: Shri Viraj P. Bhanage
17:00-17:30 IT-04
Dr. Umesh Tiwari,
CSIO, Chandigarh
“Optical Fiber Biosensors: Principles and Applications”
17:30-18:00 IT-05
Prof. Sanjeev Raghuvanshi,
IIT, ISM (Dhanbad)
“Advancement of Speciality Fibre Optic sensors for In Situ monitoring”
18:00-18:30 IT-06
Dr. Aseem Singh Rawat
, BARC, Mumbai
“Laser based measurements and perimeter intrusion detection”


Day 2 (13-Feb)

Day 2 : 13-Feb-2021 (Saturday)
Session 5
Ultra Short, Ultra Intense Laser Plasma Interaction
Session Coordinator: Dr. A. Moorti
Session Chair: Prof. R P Sharma
Applications of laser in Chemistry, Biology and Materials
Coordinator : Dr. J Jayabalan

Session Chair :Dr. Anindya Datta
10:00-10:30 IT-07
Prof. Donald Umstadter
, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA
“Physics and Applications of Scattering with Extreme Light”
Dr. Mohammed Ahmed,
RIKEN, Japan
“Probing Ultrafast Dynamics of Water at Aqueous Interfaces with Femtosecond Two-Dimensional Heterodyne-Detected VSFG Spectroscopy”
10:30-11:00 IT-09
Prof. Chan Joshi,
“Plasma Acceleration- What were we thinking in those early days and where are we headed?”
Prof. Sachin Dev Verma
, IISER, Bhopal
Visualization of charge separation at the in-plane organic heterojunctions using pump-probe microscopy
11:00-11:30 IT-11
Prof. G. Ravindra Kumar,
TIFR, India
“Spatiotemporal Dynamics of Relativistically Hot Plasmas”
Prof. S. K. Sarkar
, BARC & SP Pune University
“Making the Stories Come True: Molecular Laser Isotope Separation to Coherent Control”
11:30-11:45 Break
Session 6
Non-linear Optics
Session Coordinator: Dr. J. Jayabalan
Session Chair: Prof. D. N. Rao
Quantum & Atom Optics
Session Coordinator: Dr. Sunil Verma
Session Chair: Dr S R Mishra
11:45-12:15 IT-13
Dr. Sai Santosh Kumar Raavi
, IIT Hyderabad
“Novel multifunctional organic chromophores for non-linear optical applications”
Dr. Harshawardhan Wanare,
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur, India
“Quantum Interference based approach to Nonlinear Optics”
12:15-12:45 IT-15
Prof. K. V. Adarsh,
IISER, Bhopal
“Flatland Nonlinear Optics”
Dr. Y. B. Kale
, University of Bermingham, UK
A quantum of science’ for the future technologies”
12:45-13:45 Lunch Break
Session 7
Oral Presentation of Paper ( 3 min + 2 min)
(150 min)
OPP-2A (29 nos.)
Category 3: Laser Materials, Devices and Components (14 nos.)
Category 6: Lasers in Material Science (15 nos.)
Refer Annexure OPP-2A
OPP-2B (28 nos.)
Category 2: Lasers in Nuclear Science & Technology (4 nos.)
Category 7: Lasers Plasma Interaction (10 nos.)
Category 8: Lasers in Industry and Defence (2 nos.)
Category 10: Lasers in Chemistry, Biology & Medicine (12 nos.)
Refer Annexure OPP-2B
16:15-18:00 Break
Session 8
Ultrafast Lasers
Session Coordinator: Dr. P. K. Mukhopadhyay
Session Chair: Dr. K. S.Bindra
18:00-18:30 IT-17
Prof. F. Ömer Ilday
, Uni. Bilkent, Ankara, Turkey
“Multi-GHz Burst-Mode Fiber Lasers”
18:30-19:00 IT-18
Prof. RuedigerPaschotta
, RP Photonics, Germany
“Solid-state Lasers for Ultrashort Pulse Generation”
19:00-19:30 IT-19
Prof. Frank W. Wise
, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
“Spatiotemporal Mode-Locking in Fiber Lasers”
Session 9
Lasers Additive Manufacturing
Session Coordinator: Dr C. P Paul
Session Chair: Dr. U. Chandra Sekar
19:30-20:00 IT-20
Prof. EhsanToyserkani
University of Waterloo, Canada  
“Advancement in Monitoring and Quality Assurance Paradigms for Laser
Powder-Bed Fusion”
20:00-20:30 IT-21
Prof. Andrew Pinkerton
, Uni. Lancaster, UK
“Towards a Predictive Model of Direct Metal Deposition”
20:30-21:00 IT-22
Prof. J. Ram Kumar,
IIT Kanpur, Kanpur
“Post processing of LAM components”


Day 3 (14-Feb)

Day 3 : 14-Feb-2021 (Sunday)
Session 10
Ph. D. Thesis Presentations (Parallel Session)
10:00-11:30 ThP – A (6 nos., 15 minutes each)
Session Coordinator : S. G. Nakhate
Refer Annexure ThP-A
ThP – B (6 nos., 15 minutes each)
Session Coordinator Dr. S. K. Majumder
Refer Annexure ThP-B
11:30-11:45 Thesis presentation (2 nos., 3 min + 2 min(Q&A) )
Refer Annexure ThP-C
Thesis presentation (3 nos., 3 min + 2 min(Q&A) )
Refer Annexure ThP-D
11:45-12:00 Break
Session 11
Presentations from Industries (Coordinators : Shri P. Saxena & Dr. C. P. Paul)
12:00-13:00 1. Presentation of Incubation Centre, RRCAT (10 min.)
2. Presentations of M/S ATOS Instruments, Banglore (15 min)
3. Presentations of M/S PG Tech Pvt Ltd., Indore (15 min)
4. Presentations of M/S Research India, Bhopal (10 min)
5. Presentations of M/S New Age Instruments, Gurugram (10 min)
13:00-14:00 Lunch Break
Session 12
Oral Presentation of Paper ( 3 min + 2 min)
(135 min.)
OPP-3A (27 nos.)
Category 11: Lasers & Fiber based Instrumentation (12 nos.)
Category 12: Electronics and Instrumentation for Lasers(15 nos.)
Refer Annexure OPP-3A
OPP-3B (28 nos.)
Category 4: Non linear, Quantum and Atom Optics (19 nos.)
Category 5: Ultrafast lasers & Applications (9 nos.)
Refer Annexure OPP-3B
16:15-16:30 Break
Session 13
Laser applications in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine
Session Coordinator: Dr. S. K. Majumder
Session Chair: Prof. N. Ghosh
16:30-17:00 IT-23
Prof. Igor Meglinski
, Aston Uni. UK
“Functional brain diagnosis with dynamic light scattering imaging approach at broken ergodicity conditions”
17:00-17:30 IT-24
Prof. Martin Leahy
, National Uni. of Ireland “Lasers and Nanotechnology in Regenerative Medicine”
17:30-18:00 IT-25
Prof. Alex Vitkin
, Uni. Toronto
“Shedding light on radiotherapy: functional optical coherence tomography for radiobiological micro vascular imaging”
18:00-18:15 Break
Session 14
Special Evening Talk
18:15-19:15 ST-01
Prof. Martin Olivier,
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL)
“Plasmonic technologies for alloyed and hybrid metasurfaces”
Coordinator : Dr. S K Majumdar
Introducer: Prof. N. Ghosh
19:15-20:00 Break
20:00-21:00 ST-02
Prof. Rainer Weiss
, MIT, USA (Physics Nobel Laureate 2017)
“The beginnings of gravitational wave astronomy: current state and future”
Coordinator: Dr. Sendhil Raja,
Introducer: Prof. Somak Raychaudhary, Director, IUCAA


Day 4 (15-Feb)

Day 4 : 15-Feb-2021 (Monday)
Session 15
  15 A
Laser Materials and Devices
Session Coordinator: Dr Sunil Verma
Session Chair : Dr D K Aswal
15 B
Laser applications in Chemistry, Biology and Medicine
Session Coordinator: Dr S. K. Majumder
Session Chair : Prof. Renu John
10:00-10:30 IT-26
Prof. Binay Kumar
, Univ. of Delhi, Delhi
“Growth of Single Crystals by Various Techniques for Optical, Piezoelectric and Communication Applications”
Prof. Jessica Ramella,
Florida International University , USA
“Design of wearable devices for underserved populations”
10:30-11:00 IT-28
Dr. Muthu Senthil Pandian
, S SN Institution, Chennai
“Development of High Quality Nonlinear Optical (NLO) Single Crystals for Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) Applications”
Prof. Dalip Singh Mehta,
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi
“Quantitative phase microscopy and nanoscopy using partially spatially coherent laser light: Improvement on image sharpness, phase noise, resolution and speckle free imaging”
11:00-11:30 IT-30
Dr. N. Vijayan
, NPL, New Delhi
“Growth of Potential Nonlinear Optical Single Crystals by Melt and Solution Growth Techniques”
Dr. Kamal Kant Sharma,
NUS, Singapore
“Investigation of Dengue infectivity and dynamics using Förster Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)”
11:30-11:45 Tea Break
Session 16
Laser Spectroscopy & Applications
Session Coordinator: Dr V B Tiwari
Session Chair : Dr S G Nakhate
11:45-12:15 IT-32
Prof. B. K. Sahoo
, PRL, Ahmedabad
“Atomic probe of nuclear properties”
12:15-12:45 IT-33
Prof. Ashok Mohapatra
, NISER, Bhuvaneshwar
“Dynamical phase transition in mirrorless optical parametric oscillator”
12:45-13:15 IT-34
Prof. Alika Khare
, IIT Guwahati
“Some of the Applications of Laser Induced Breakdown”
13:15-14:15 Lunch Break
 Session 17
LIGO Science and Technologies
Session Coordinator: Dr Sendhil Raja
Session Chair : Dr Shashank Chaturvedi, Director, IPR

14:15-14:45 IT-35
Dr. David H. Reitze, Caltech, USA
“The Advanced LIGO Gravitational-wave Detector: A Discovery Machine”
14:45-15:15 IT-36
Prof. Rana Adhikari
, Caltech, USA
“Future of Gravitational Wave Detection Technology”
15:15-15:30 Tea Break
 Session 18
15:30-16:30 Award Presentation and Closing Ceremony
16:30-17:00 Closure of NLS-29
17:00-18:00 ILA General Body Meeting