ILA Short Courses and Exhibition

The Indian Laser Association (ILA), the collaborator of NLS-30, will organize short tutorial courses on January 17-18, 2022 in online mode. 
ILA is also organizing an online industrial exhibition for lasers and related products during NLS-30. 

ILA Course - I 

Topic Laser based measuring instruments: Technology and Applications
Summary The theme of the course is to provide details of Laser based instruments, from component level to the technology development and applications in various fields. The course will provide a systematic and comprehensive knowledge of various aspects in development of a Laser based Instrument. The course will consist of 10 lectures and virtual demonstration of instruments for measurement of diameter, velocity, distance/displacement, vibration. 
The lectures will cover the following topics: 
On the first day the basics of opto-electronic, optical, opto-mechanical and electronic components used in laser based instruments will be discussed. On the second day various laser based techniques used in sensing diameter, velocity, surface roughness, flow, vibration, time and magnetic field will be discussed. Also the participants will be exposed to the future scope of work in this field of measurement. 
Course Coordinator Aseem Singh Rawat
Program Schedule ILA Course Schedule
Course Content (Slides) ILA Course 1 Slides

ILA Course - II

Topic Photonic materials for Laser, Biomedical & Sensor Applications
Summary The objective of this course is to provide comprehensive knowledge of photonic materials including bulk crystals, nanostructured metal oxide thin films and polymers composites, fabrication of device structures and their characterizations for laser, biomedical and sensor applications. The course is intended for the masters and graduate students, and early career faculties working in the related fields and will consist of about 12 lectures. The course will begin with discussions on fundamental properties of nonlinear optical materials, laser host and detector/sensor materials in the form of single crystal, nanostructured thin films and polymer composite for aforementioned applications. Modern growth methodologies used for fabrication of bulk and nanostructured photonic materials for laser, biomedical and sensor applications will be discussed in details. Fundamentals of pulsed laser and atomic layer deposition techniques for growth of nanostructured thin films of metal oxides and pertinent growth mechanisms will be discussed. This will be followed by discussion on fundamentals and working principle of relevant material characterization techniques pertinent to aforesaid applications. Emphasis will be given on laser based techniques for real-time and in-situ crystal growth kinetic and photoluminescence lifetime studies etc. Post growth processing of grown material and fabrication of prototype device elements using photolithography and interdigital electrodes for particular applications will discussed. The last part of course will deal with characterizations and measurement protocols of device structures based on photonic materials for above mentioned applications. The emerging photonic materials and cutting edge technologies pertaining to lasers, biomedical and sensor applications will be reviewed at the end. 
Course Coordinator Dr. Sunil Verma & Dr. Pankaj Misra, RRCAT
Program Schedule Will be uploaded soon.

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Shri Piyush Saxena
General Secretary - II, ILA
RRCAT, Indore
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