The local chapters should conduct scientific and academic activities to promote education, research and applications of Lasers / Optics, such as:

  • Lecture series by eminent scientists working in the field of lasers/optics
  • Theme meetings on a topic of current interest in the field
  • Quiz / essay competitions on lasers / optics related topics
  • Research scholars meet to promote interaction between students and senior scientists through poster session working in field of lasers/optics and its applications • Award for best presentation by a research scholar
  • Recommendation of selected posters for publications of articles in “KIRAN”
  • Lectures in nearby academic institutes to promote outreach activities in the field of laser/ optics with special emphasis on experimental work To undertake all other activities for the attainment of the above mentioned objectives.

    1. ILA life members in any state of India can propose to form a local chapter by submitting a proposal to the President, ILA. The proposal should be signed by at least 25 ILA Life members, either residing or employed in that state.
    2. The proposers should choose a person among themselves to act as Convenor, who shall liaison with the ILA Executive Committee (ILA-EC) to get the due approvals for the local chapter.
    3. The Executive Committee has the right to redefine the geographical limits of any local chapter. The decision of the ILA-ECshall be binding on the Chapter.
    4. The local chapter shall form an interim Local Chapter Committee (LCC) consisting of Chairperson (LC-CP), Vice-Chairperson (LC-VC), Secretary (LC-S) and Treasurer (LC-T) in consultation with ILA-EC.
    5. The Secretary of Local Chapter shall request the ILA-EC for the recognition of the LCC.
    6. ILA-EC shall consider all the aspects essential to the welfare of the ILA in evaluating the request and may accord sanction for the establishment of the Local Chapter. The formation of the Local Chapter shall, however be subject to approval of the ILA General Body at its next meeting.
    7. Thereupon, the interim LCC shall be replaced by a duly elected LCC within 6 months. The procedure for elections is given separately below.
    8. The Executive Committee shall give formal recognition to each Local Chapter in the form of a Certificate which shall contain the Local Chapter’s name, location of headquarters, geographical limits and the date on which the recognition was granted, and shall bear the signature of the President, ILA.
    9. The name of the Local Chapter will be – ILA (state name) local chapter or as defined by ILA-EC.
    10. The objectives of the local chapter will be in-principle same as those of the ILA. Some of the representative activities, which the local chapters should engage in are listed above.

    1. LCC of the each local chapter shall be accountable for all the activities/ events undertaken. A detailed proposal of any event planned to be organized by the Local Chapter should be sent to the ILA-EC for approval. The proposal should include the financial requirements and the sources of funding to organize the event. The ILA-EC, as the case may be, may allocate funds to support part of such activities of the Local Chapter. The support will be limited to a maximum of Rs 15,000 per event and a maximum of Rs45,000 per annum. These limits may be changed with the approval of ILA General Body.LC-S shall submit a detailed report to ILA-General Secretary-II within 15 days of completion of the event. The lecturer to whom support is provided should be life member of ILA
    2. LC-S shall be responsible for all communications with ILA-EC, LCC and members of local chapters. The LC-Sof each local chaptershall forward to the General Secretary-II, ILA annual report on the activities of the chapter for that financial year.
    3. The audited statement of accounts of each local chapter shall be submitted by the LC-Tof the each local chapter to the General Secretary-II, ILA by the end of April every year for the previous financial year.
    4. All efforts should be made by the local chapter office bearers to expand the memberships of ILA (Life, Student and Corporate members of ILA). The filled membership forms along with the details of the ONLINE fee payment to the main ILA current account should be communicated to the ILA General Secretary-II.
    5. Receipt and payments of funds should ONLY be through cheque/ ONLINE transaction mode in the current account opened in the name of Local Chapter in a nationalized bank. The account shall be operated by any two among the LC-CP, LC-S and LC-T. The LC-T shall be responsible for the maintenance of the books of accounts of the Local Chapter. ILA-ECshall have viewing right of current bank account of each local chapter for general information. The financial year of the Local Chapter will be from April to March of next year. The account books of the Local Chapter shall be audited by a certified public Accountant approved by the LCC.
    6. Grants, donations or gifts can only be accepted by the Local Chapter, if the acceptance does not prejudice or compromise the objectives and purposes of the ILA. Further, any acceptance of fund by the local chapter should have prior approval of the ILA-EC.

    1. General Body of the local chapter shall consist of all members of the Local Chapter. The LC-CP, or in his absence, the LC-VC of the Local Chapter shall preside over all meetings of the General Body/LCC with written approval of LC-CP or ILA-EC. It shall be the duty of the LC-S to circulate an agenda, which covers all the points that are sought to be brought to the General Body at least 15 (fifteen) days prior to the convening of the General Body Meeting. The General Body shall meet at least once a year.
    2. The quorum for General body meeting shall be one-third of the total number of members of the local chapter. In the absence of quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned for 15 minutes. Thereafter, it may be reconvened without the quorum.
    3. Minutes of deliberations of the General Body and the LCC meetings shall be maintained by the LC-S and a copy of the same shall be sent to General Secretary-II, ILA within a month from the date of General Body Meeting.

    1. The ILA-EC shall appoint an election sub-committee consisting of two Returning Officerto conduct the elections. The returning officer cannotcontest that election.
    2. Election sub-committee must conveyto all members of local chapter eligible for voting regarding the election, indicating the last dates for receiving nominations, withdrawal of nominations and election date.
    3. Nominations may be made to the election sub-committee over the signature of at least 3 (three) ILA local chapter members.
    4. Election sub-committee, after scrutinizing the eligibility of the nominees, shallcommunicate the election procedure with appropriate instructions to all eligible voters. Election shall preferably be conducted during General Body Meeting of Local Chapter.The criterion of election shall be simple majority.
    5. The Election Sub-Committee shall communicate the results to ILA-EC. The ILA-EC shall in turn communicate the same to outgoing and newly elected LCC.
    6. The newly elected LCC will take charge, preferably, from the beginning of the immediate next financial year. ILA-EC may advise other dates in case of exigencies.
    7. The LCC office bearers can hold office for a term of two consecutive financial years. No LCC office bearers shall be eligible for election to the same post for more than two consecutive terms.
    8. A vacancy occurring in the committee between elections shall be filled by the LCC through nomination within one month of such occurrence with prior approval of ILA-EC.

    1. A local chapter may be dissolved in the following circumstances:
      1. If the ILA-EC is of the opinion that the activities of the Local Chapter are against the aims of the association.
      2. If a proposal for dissolution of the local chapter is received by the ILA-EC in writing supported by more than 50% members of the chapter. In both the above cases, ILA-EC will immediately suspend the activities of that local chapter and recommend the freezing of bank account to the respective bank authorities, as a first step. Subsequently, ILA-EC will seek explanations/ reasons from LCCwithin a stipulated time (within 7 (seven) days) and if ILA-EC is not satisfied with the answer, it will recommend a proposal for either termination ofLCC or dissolution of local chapter to ILA General Body. The proposal will be discussed in ILA GBM and will be accepted if passed by simple majority in the meeting. In the event of dissolution, provisions of the Section 13 and 14 of the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 shall be applicable.

    1. Amendment to the above rules and regulations may be proposed either by the ILA-EC or by a petition signed by at least 50% of the Local Chapter members.
    2. Any petition for amendments to the rules and regulation should be submitted to the ILA-EC at least two months prior to the proposed date of the ILA General Body meeting at which such amendments will be discussed.
    3. The amendment may be accepted if at least 2/3rd of those present in the ILA-GBM vote in favor of it.
    4. Besides being subjected to the rules and regulation defined in this document, the functioning of the Local Chapter will also be subjected to the guidelines, orders and laws issued by the various government bodies (central, state, municipal) from time to time.