ILA Awards for the year 2005

The following Best Thesis and Best Poster Prizes for the year 2005 were awarded by Indian Laser Association during the DAE-BRNS National Laser Symposium NLS-5 at VIT, Vellore

Best Thesis award was shared jointly by

  1. NIRMALYA GHOSH of Biomedical Applications Section, Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore
    Title: "Depolarization of Light in Tissue: Applications in Diagnosis and Imaging"
  2. A.K.Mohapatra of Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai
    Title: "Study of atom-surface interaction using laser cooled atoms"

Best Poster award

  1. Paper 2.2: Development of Laser based System for Cutting of Bellow lip during En-masse Coolant Channel Replacement in PHWR type of Nuclear Reactors S.C. Vishwakarma1, R.K.Jain1, B.N.Upadhayaya1*, Ambar Choubey1, D.K. Agrawal1, Pankaj Gupta2, S.K. Chadda2, T.P.S. Nathan1.
    1 Solid State Laser Division, Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore
    2 NPCIL, Nabhikiya Urja Bhavan, Mumbai