R.1 : In the following the words "year" and "month" refer to the Gregorian Calendar year and month respectively, and the word "Association" to the Indian Laser Association. 

R.2 : The registered office of the association herein after referred to as the "office", shall be in Mumbai and until and otherwise determined shall be situated at the office of the Centre of Advanced Technology, Modular Labs, B.A.R.C., Mumbai 400 085.

R.3 : The aims and objectives of the association shall be as stated in the Memorandum of Association.

R.4 : Membership: The association shall have following catagories of members:

  • Life Members
  • Student Members
  • Corporate Members

The life members must be graduates in any branch of Science or Engineering and should have demonstrable professional interest in lasers and /or related areas.

With effect from 1.4.2009, the fee structure will be as follows:

  • For residents of India, the life membership fee shall be Rs.1,500.
  • For foreign residents, the life membership fee shall be Rs.5,000.
  • Student membership shall be Rs.250 till he/she is a student, for max. of five years.
  • Corporate membership fee shall be Rs.10,000

R.5 : Executive Committee:

R.5.1 : The affairs of the association shall be managed by an Executive Committee (herein after referred to as the committee) consisting of the following five office bearers viz. President, Vice President, General Secretary I, General Secretary II, Treasurer; and five Regional Representatives. The Executive Committee shall have ten members in all.
The president, the Vice President, the two General Secretaries and the Treasurer shall be elected directly by the members of the association.
The five Regional Representatives shall be co-opted by the directly elected office bearers from amongst the members of the association.
At least one General Secretary and the Treasurer shall belong to the Indore Chapter

R.5.2 : The responsibilities of the office bearers shall be as under:

(a) The President shall preside at all meetings of the association and act as chairman of the Executive Committee. Whenever necessary, the President may delegate his powers to Vice President.

(b) The Vice President shall assist the President in all matters and in absence of the President, he shall perform the duties of the President.

(c) The General Secretaries shall be jointly:

  • in charge of all correspondence and records of the association, including the register of membership.
  • convene all general meetings of the association and of the committee.
  • execute the programmes of action decided by the committee and
  • sue and be sued upon in all matters relating to or affecting the association.

(d) The Treasurer shall :

  • keep all accounts of the association
  • accept money and issue receipts on behalf of the association, and
  • prepare annual financial statements and budgets for submission to the committee.

R.5.3 : The committee may co-opt additional members on the Executive Committee, if necessary, to assist it in all specific activities of the association. A co-opted member shall not have voting rights in the committee

R.5.4 : A vacancy occurring in the committee between elections shall be filled by the committee by nomination within one month of such occurrence

R.5.5 : The powers and functions of the committee shall be as follows : (a) to realize funds by way of subscriptions, donations, grants, gifts, consultation fees etc., and to administer these funds for conducting the business of the association.(b) to acquire, sell, mortgage, change or otherwise dispose off or deal with all or any property of the association for promoting the aims and objectives of the association.(c) to enroll members(d) generally to undertake all actions and activities which the committee deems conducive to the promotion of the aims and objectives of the association. (e) to appoint full time or part time salaried or honorary staff as and when needed and to rent premises for housing registered office etc.(f) to terminate services of any employee of the association.(g) to enter into collaboration with any similar association or institution and to accept and offer concessions in respect of membership dues etc. on reciprocal basis subject to ratification by the General Body.(h) to interpret the Memorandum of the Association and the Rules and Regulations subject to the provisions of the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860.(i) to prepare and make available an annual report on the working of the association

R.5.6 : The committee shall have regular meetings at such times as necessary to carry out the business of the association

R.5.7 : The members of the committee or of duly appointed sub-committees and/or panels shall not be held liable in respect of any act done in good faith

R.5.8 : The Executive Committee and all office bearers shall hold office for a term of two consecutive financial years.
No office bearer shall be eligible for election to the same post for more than two consecutive terms

R.5.9 : A notice of 15 days will be given for every executive committee meeting

R.5.10 : Quorum for the Executive Committee : The quorum will be formed by at least five members including at least three office bearers, of which at least one shall be the President or Vice-President of the association.
If there is no quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned for one hour. For the adjourned meeting, the quorum shall be formed by the presence of at least three members of which at least one will be an office bearer.
The adjourned meeting cannot take ant decision on a matter not included specifically in the agenda for the meeting

R.6 : Election of the Committee:

R.6.1 : The election will be conducted by two Returning Officers appointed by the committee from amongst the who themselves are not members of the committee.

R.6.2 : Nominations for all office bearers of the committee shall be made over the signatures of at least five members and written consent of the nominee will be necessary for each valid nomination.

R.6.3 : The Returning Officers, after scrutiny shall prepare a ballot paper listing all eligible nominees for each post and shall cause the ballot papers to be mailed to all members, at least one calendar month before the last date for receipt of filled ballot papers.

R.6.4 : The Returning Officers shall compile all ballot papers received and shall check and count the votes and shall announce the result. In the eventuality of a tie, the winner shall be decided by a chance procedure.

R.6.5 : In case no nominations are received for a post, the vacancy shall be filled by nomination jointly by the outgoing and newly elected members of the committee.

R.7 : General Body:

R.7.1 : All the bona fide members of the association shall constitute the General Body.

R.7.2 : Voting Rights:
Any member will have the right to vote. No member shall have the right to vote by proxy. Every member shall have one vote except the President, who has got a casting vote.

R.7.3 : General Body Meeting:
An annual general body meeting shall be held during each calendar year. It will be announced at least 15 days before the scheduled date of the meeting.
The quorum will be formed by at least five members of the Executive Committee and at least thirty percent members.
In case the quorum is not complete, the General Body meeting will be rescheduled after half an hour.
The rescheduled meeting will not require any quorum
An extra-ordinary general body meeting can be held if required by the Executive Committee or if requested by more than fifty members of the association

R.8 : Accounting Year:
The accounting year of the association shall begin on 1st January of each calendar year

R.9 : Operation of Bank Accounts:
The bank accounts of the association shall be operated jointly by any two of the office bearers, secretaries and/or treasure

R.10 : Amendments:
Any repeal, variation, alteration or addition to the Memorandum of the Association, Rules and Regulations of the association can be made at the annual or special general body meeting provided that at least 60% of the members present in the said meeting so called shall vote in favour of the proposed change, repeal, variation, alteration or addition to the said Memorandum of the Association and/or Rules and Regulations of the Association in accordance with the provisions of the Societies Registration Act, 1860.

R.11 : Suspension or Revocation of Membership:
The membership of any member can be suspended or revoke only if the general body passes a resolution to this effect on the ground that the activities of the member are prejudicial to the aims of the association.

R.12 : Dissolution of the association:
On receiving such a proposal in writing by more than forty percent members of the association, the executive committee shall convene a general body meeting to consider dissolution. The association can be dissolved only by seventy five percent majority of the total votes cast. In the event od dissolution, provisions of the Section 13 and 14 of the Society Registration Act XXI of 1860 shall be applicable.