ILA Best Thesis and Best Poster Awards at Twenty Second DAE-BRNS National Laser Symposium (NLS-22) at Manipal University, Manipal

Best Thesis Awards:

The following thesis presentation was selected for the ILA Best Thesis Award.

  1. Fahem Yehya Ahmed Bajash, Advanced Centre of Research in High Energy Materials(ARCHEM), University of Hyderabad
    Development of some novel pulsed laser based time resolved photo acoustic technique for studies of atmospheric pollutant, thermal decomposition mechanism of high energy materials and THz detection

M/s Laser Spectra Services, Bangalore sponsored the award money.

Best Poster Awards:

The following posters/ papers were selected for the ILA best poster award by a committee of judges.

  1. A.K. Dharmadhikari1, K. Dota1,2, J.A. Dharmadhikari2, R. Bernard1, A Bhatnagar3 and D. Mathur1,2, 1TIFR, Mumbai, 2Department of Atomic and Molecular Physics, Manipal University, Manipal, 3Photonics Division, SAMEER, IIT campus Powai, Mumbai.
    Supercontinuum generation and materials modification using intense Bessel-like beam
  2. Srividya Kumar1, Deepak Saini2 and Siva Umapathy1, 1Inorganic and Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 2Molecular Reproduction and Development Genetics, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
    Diagnostic identification of various mycobacterial species using Laser Raman micro-spectroscopy
  3. S. Nigam, K. Aneesh, S. Barnwal, YBSR Prasad, P.K. Tripathi, J.A. Chakera, C.P. Navathe, P.A. Naik and P.D. Gupta, Laser Plasma Division, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore.
    Development of compact capillary discharge pumped soft x-ray laser at 46.9 nm wavelength
  4. S. Gayathri1, P. Jayabal1, M. Kottaisamy2, V. Ramakrishnan1, 1Department of Laser Studies, School of Physics, Madurai Kamraj University, Madurai, 2Department of Chemistry, Thiagarajan College of Engineering, Madurai.
    One pot synthesis of graphene: micro Raman study
  5. S. Pradhan1, A. Kani2, H. Wanare2, S. Mishra1 and A.K. Das1, 1Laser and Plasma Technology Division, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai, 2Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur.
    Quantum Interference based dual system Atomic clock and Magnetometer
  6. M. Tayyab, S. Bagchi, T. Mandal, B. Ramakrishna, J.A. Chakera, P.A. Naik and P.D. Gupta, Laser Plasma Division, Raja Ramanna Centre for Advanced Technology, Indore.
    MeV ion acceleration with table top 10 TW Ti-Sapphire laser pulses.

These awards were sponsored by M/s Laser Science, Mumbai and Prof. Vinay Srinivasan memorial award money.