ILA Awards for the year 2002

The following Best Thesis and Best Poster Prizes for the year 2002 were awarded by Indian Laser Association during the National Laser Symposium - 2002 at Thiruvanathpuram, Kerela:

The Best Thesis award is sponsored by M/S Laser spectra Services ,Bangalore.
The Best Poster award is sponsored by Late Prof. Vivek Srinivas Memorial Fund.

The Best Thesis Award is shared by :

  1. Dr. (Ms) A. Deepthy from IISc. Bangalore for her thesis "Growth and physical properties of nonlinear optical KTP and ferroelectric GPI crystals".
  2. Dr. Tarun K Sharma from CAT, Indore for his thesis "Metal Organic Vapour phase epitaxial growth of III-V semiconductors".

Best Poster Award is shared by:

  1. Poster 3.12 : "Millimeter-wave free electron laser experiment at IPR" KK Jain, KK Mohandas and RAV Kumar, IPR, Ahmedabad.
  2. Poster 2.37 : "A new methylene blue doped polymer blend for holographic applications" M. Ushamani, NG Leena Deenja, K Sreekumar, C Sudha Kartha and Rani Joseph, CUSAT, Cochin.

In view of the tough competition this year, the judges have recommended that the following posters be awarded certificates of merit/appreciation.

  1. P-1.4 : Switchless operation of a TEA CO2 Laser
    DJ Biswas and JP Nilaya
  2. P-1.15 : Measurement of pulse-front tilt across a femtosecond laser beam
    M Raghuramaiah, AK Sharma, PA Naik and PD Gupta
  3. P-1.31 : Online monitoring of CO2 Laser welding ..
    CS Viswanadham, M Arumugam, GL Goswami
  4. P-1.79 : Nonlinear optical fringes in porous silicon
    S Prusty, AK Shukla, HS Mavi and SC Abbi
  5. P-2.15 : Synthesis of new and highly fluorescent laser dyes of Xanthene class
    RP Gaitonde, MJ Karai, VR Kanetkar, AK Roy and S Sasikumar
  6. P-2.11 : A 146 W diffraction limited copper vapour laser ..
    Omprakash, SK Dixit, S Talar, NM Shenoy, GN Tiwari, SV Nakhe, R Mahakud, GS Purbia, R Bhatnagar
  7. P-2.75 : Salt induced aggregation and enhanced optical limiting in a carbon black suspension.
    SK Tiwari, MP Joshi, S Nath and SC Mehendale