ILA Awards for the year 2004

The following Best Thesis and Best Poster Prizes for the year 2004 were awarded by Indian Laser Association during the DAE-BRNS National Laser Symposium - 04 at BARC, Mumabi

This year on the recommendation of Judges,the best Thesis award was given in two categories.

  1. Science( Prize Money RS 5000/ sponsored by M/S Laser Spectra Services India Pvt. Ltd.), &
  2. Industrial applications of Lasers( Prize Money Rs 2500/-, sponsored by ILA).

In science category the award was shared by

  1. Mr. Ashwini Kumar Sharma of IIT,Kanpur, for his Thesis" Formation & characterisation of Nitrides and Oxides during reactive pulsed laser ablation", &
  2. Mr. P.Prem Kiran of Univ.of Hyderabad, for his Thesis," Optical limiting and nonlinear optical properties of photo responsive materials: Tetratolyporphyrins, pure and iron doped Bi12SiO20 Crystals and co-doped Ag-Cu metal nanoclusters".

In the second category the award went to

  1. Mr.Manoj Kumar of CAT , for his thesis on " Studies on UV Preionised TEA CO2 Laser and it's application in C-13 isotope separation".

The best Poster award went to the following two papers,

  1. "Observation of electromagnetically induced transparency in Rubidium D2 transitions", authored by Amit Kumar Pradhan,Shrabana Chakrabarti,Biswajit Ray & Pradip N Ghosh.All the authors belong to the Department of Physics, University of Calcutta , and
  2. " A novel technique to generate more than 250mw tunable single mode IR Laser at 1064 nm from diode end pumped Nd:YVO4 Crystal", authored by Jogy George, Jolly Xavier P, V.K.Agnihotri & T.P.S.Nathan. Among the authors, Jolly Xavier P belongs to the Institute of Armanent Technology, Pune, and rest of the authors belong to Solid State Laser Division, CAT, Indore.