1. The name of the organization (hereinafter called the Association) shall be Indian Laser Association. It shall be a non-profit multidisciplinary professional organization.
  2. The registered office of the association shall be in Indore, in the state of Madhya Pradesh.
  3. The aims and objectives of the association shall be 
    1. to help towards the advancement, dissemination and application of laser science and techniques.
    2. to promote active interaction among all persons, bodies, institutions ( private and/or state owned, national or international) and specifically interested in lasers and related areas.
    3. to organize seminars, symposia, workshops, lectures, debates, training courses, conferences, film shows etc. pertaining to lasers and their applications.
    4. to organize regional and/or special interest chapters in the country as and when needed.
    5. to acquire property such as office premises, guest houses, repair cum training workshops and research and development centres.
    6. to secure grants, funds, endowments etc. and to administer them to further any or all of the above aims and objectives.
    7. to frame, adopt and modify rules and regulations by which the association may conduct its business.
  4. And it is hereby declared that in the event of any ambiguity in interpretation of the above clause, the clause shall be construed in such a way as to widen and not restrict the powers of the association.
  5. The business of the association shall be conducted by an Executive Committee to be elected as stated in the Rules and Regulations.
  6. Till such time as a regular Executive Committee is duly elected within one year from the date hereof, the business of the association shall be conducted by an interim executive committee.


Dated : Twenty Sixth day of December, Nineteen Hundred Eighty Seven